Spc. Dr. Hakan Şilek

Spc. Dr. Hakan Şilek


Year Degree Institute
1998 Medical Faculty - Doctor of Medicine (MD) 19 Mayıs University Medical Faculty, Turkey
2004 Neurology Specialization Education Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey


Chronic neurological diseases:
  • Polyneuropathies.
  • Neurological evaluations and consultations
  • Diagnostic tests, including EEG, EMG, and nerve conduction studies
  • Botox injections for movement disorders and headaches
  • Infusion therapy for multiple sclerosis
  • Sleep studies and treatments for sleep disorders
  • Medication management for neurological disorders
  • Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatments:
  • Vertigo originating from the central system.
  • Peripheral vertigo.
  • Vestibular paroxysm
  • BPPV
  • Epilepsy:
  • Epilepsy diagnosis and treatments
  • EEG routine
  • Sleep deprivation EEG.

    • – Turkish Neurology Association Member
    • – Turkish Medical Sleep Association
    • – European Academy of Neurology