FUE Hair Transplant

Although there are applications that prevent hair loss in men and women, hair transplantation is the only permanent aesthetic operation that provides the treatment of openings and sparseness caused by vitamin deficiencies, hormonal causes, various diseases and genetic reasons, especially in men, with natural hair.

In hair transplantation, genetically healthy hair follicles (grafts) taken from the nape area, called the donor area, are transferred to the area to be transplanted and transplanted, for this reason, hair transplantation is also called hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplantation method has become the standard application all over the world with its advantages in application, patient comfort, no need for stitches, no loss of naturalness in the donor area, and healing time compared to FUT Hair Transplantation method, which is one of the first methods applied in hair transplantation.

Choosing the Place of Hair Transplantation:

The health centre where hair transplantation will be performed must be a hospital, medical centre or polyclinic with a hair transplantation licence. When making this choice, it should be known that this procedure cannot be performed in all health institutions, even if they are hospitals. In addition, it is very important to have an authorised doctor in the health institution and to have an emergency service unit that can intervene in rare problems that may develop.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be performed on men and women over the age of 18. However, the general health of the person, especially the scalp, must be suitable for this. Although the age limit for hair transplantation is 18, it is generally expected to be 27-28 years old and hair loss is completed.

Hair Transplantation Processes:

Before hair transplant operation

  • 1 week in advance, in consultation with a physician, it is necessary to stop or adjust blood-thinning medication
  • Coffee, tea consumption should be reduced, green tea and blood-thinning herbal teas, herbal extracts and vitamins should not be drunk.
  • For 1 week, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided.
  • For 1 month, creams, lotions and medicines applied to the scalp should not be taken.

Hair Transplant Operation Stages:

After blood tests, the operation is decided in case of suitability. The whole process takes 7-8 hours.

It is possible to perform hair transplantation under local anaesthesia or sedation (a method known as sleep hair transplantation).

Hair follicle collection:
The follicles collected one by one from the donor area are kept in suitable solutions. Hair transplant specialists can sort them according to the number of hairs in the roots.

Channel opening:
Following the hair transplantation line, opening channels at an appropriate angle to the area and at an appropriate depth according to the structure of the skin are important factors in the success and natural appearance of the transplantation.

Transplanting the roots:
During transplantation, the roots are placed one by one according to the number of hairs suitable for the region.

What is DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles through a pen called Choi Pen. In this process, the roots are not kept waiting after they are collected, they are transplanted directly to the transplantation area with the help of this pen. Therefore, it is called direct hair implant (DHI), which means direct hair implant.

What can and cannot be done after hair transplantation?

On the 2nd day after the hair transplantation, washing is performed in the hospital, and the necessary instructions are taught to the patient.

The process after Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation is the same as normal FUE transplantation, but wound healing times are shorter:

Your doctor’s instructions regarding blood thinners should be followed.

1 week should not smoke and drink alcohol.

For 1 month, it is necessary not to enter the pool and avoid heavy sports.

Avoid the sun, especially for the first 15 days, and be exposed to the sun for 3 months in short periods and with protection.

How Long Does Hair Grow After FUE Hair Transplantation?

The transplanted hair becomes noticeable within a few weeks. Since the growth of the existing and transplanted hair will not be the same size, it can be adjusted with scissors after 6 months. One month after the hair transplantation, the first hairs begin to fall out, this process may take a few months, then the hair that grows rapidly in the 5th and 9th months is largely completed at the end of 1 year.