Eye Health and Diseases

Eye Health and Diseases

The ophthalmology department includes diagnosis and treatment of all eye-related issues. Computerised eye examination and eye pressure measurement, Humphray Computerised Visual Field and Corneal Pachymetry evaluation for the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma, Computerised Eye Angiography (FFA) for the diagnosis and follow-up of eye pathologies caused by diabetes, We are at your service with the latest model Optical Coherence Eye Tomography (OCT) for the diagnosis and follow-up of yellow spot disease, Corneal Topography, Anterior segment OCT and Orbscan devices for the diagnosis of corneal diseases, Child Hand Autorefection, which provides easy diagnosis of eye defects in children and infants, B-Mode USG devices that provide retina-vitreous layers analysis.

In addition, sutureless cataract surgeries with the latest technology (FAKO), Excimer Wavefront Laser, the latest technology in the treatment of tear duct obstructions, sutureless incisionless Endolaser DSR operations, Vitreoretinal Surgery (VRC) system in retina-vitreous operations, Strabismus operations in children and adults, Glaucoma disease surgeries, Refractive Lens Exchange operations in high eye numbers, Cross-link method in the treatment of Keratoconus Disease, all kinds of oculoplastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries are successfully applied by our experienced physician staff.

Diabetes and hypertension related retinal deterioration and haemorrhages behind the eye are detected with modern eye angiography and treated with Argon LASER. Yag LASER application in secondary cataract treatment, Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) and Yag LASER iridotomy application in glaucoma disease are successfully applied in our clinic.

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