Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Prominent ear, which is a very common problem, is a deformity characterised by underdevelopment of the ear fold, a deep auricle, and the auricle being separated from the head. It is entered through a skin incision made behind the auricle, the ear fold is formed by shaping the cartilage with sutures, the auricle is tilted backwards and the separation is corrected by suturing.

Children with prominent ear problems may be exposed to events that may disturb their mental state, especially when they start school. If it is not corrected at a young age, it becomes an obsession that affects people’s lifelong social relationships.

The surgery can be performed at the age of 5-6 without experiencing these problems.

It is usually performed under general anaesthesia. It takes approximately 1-2 hours. A bandage is applied to maintain the shape of the auricle and to prevent blood accumulation. Since the incision is hidden behind the ear, there is no scar. The tennis band is worn regularly until 10 days are up. Then it is worn only at night for another 10-15 days.